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Catherine S.
Catherine S.
I started this long process over a year ago with great hopes of avoiding knee surgery. I have torn meniscus and arthritis and have problems with general anesthesia. I took my MRI scans and medical information with me but no one wanted to see it, stating they were positive this would work for me. My initial visit was supposedly a free consultation with Barry but after three long hours of pressure and promises I not only started injections immediately, but was pushed to finance it through CareCredit when I said it was more than I had expected to pay. The only reason I finally agreed was because I was PROMISED two times that if it indeed did not work all my money would be refunded. Over and over I was told miracle stories to seal the deal. Twelve thousand dollars I am in debt creating a hardship for me now to afford the actual surgery I need. I have had absolutely no improvement at all. I am actually worse and fear the year of not properly repairing this is going to cause me to need knee replacement instead of the suggested meniscus removal. Some of the injections were horribly painful and the stem cell procedure out of my back brought me to tears. All for nothing and now I will be paying forever, and all because I believed what I was promised. In the Pooler office I was also treated by a doctor who has a criminal record for practicing without a license, without QC Kinetix ever telling me so I could make the decision if I would be ok with that. My advise to you is IF you decide to give this a try make SURE you find the line on their contract that says you will not be refunded if this fails, cross it out and have them initial it because their word means nothing, although verbal contracts are legal in my state where I initially agreed to try this based on their promises. This is a company that preys on people’s desperation and when they fail just write you off and ignore you and will lie to get you to agree to try. I am so devastated by this because I trusted them completely, everyone there SEEMS to care and are so nice, until they get your money. This goes down as one of the worst experiences in my life, in so many ways. I am speaking with a reporter now who wants to do a story on this so stay tuned.

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