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Marco Dispoto
Marco Dispoto
Purchased and install new summer tires here. Center caps of two rims disappeared. Asked right away after tire change and they said they couldn't find them so they have never been there. Unfortunately I've discovered very late (about one month after) one bolt destroyed (rear-right tire), the head of the bolt was gone. My bad that I I didn't check immediately after the replacement of the tires. I was back to the shop later for a flat tire issue (front left). They didn't check the tire and they said they could give me an appointment three days later. I can mount a spare tire by myself, no problem at all but, at Dekk1 they didn't offer any help at all. I've also told them about the broken bolt and the young guy was almost laughing at me and he said if I had any complaints I have to write to his manager. I left and said farewell. Recently I've been at one Dekk1 competitor for the seasonal tires swap. The guy working for the competitor of Dekk1 told me about Nokian gives a special warranty and my flat tire will be most likely covered since the damage looks like a quality issue. He said also the broken bolt was 99% caused by the operator at Dekk1, he probably used too much torque with the pneumatic gun. I was back to Dekk1 Kokstad, claiming for warranty on my flat tire. I brought the damaged tire to the shop, the guy there (the same that was almost laughing at me before) didn't check it at all and he said no warranty applies here. I've insisted and remind him about Nokian warranty then he asked to his manager. The manager told me to contact Vianor and apply for warranty. I've asked a copy of the purchase receipt but they couldn't print it. They gave me only a copy of the offer I got before the purchase (useless for warranty, it's not a purchase receipt!). I said thanks and I gave up, I'll never back to this shop!

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