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Karen Dekel
Karen Dekel
This is an update to the review posted below. As you can see from their response, the company said they would reach out to help with the billing and treatment issues. It's been over three months, and I have not heard from them. So much for being able to trust their word. Clearly, their response was meant for the benefit of the reader, not the patient. Aside from the pain of injection into my already inflamed joints (big toe and shoulder) being EXCRUCIATING...and that is coming from someone with a super high pain threshold...the PRP/Plasma injections did absolutely NOTHING to relieve my pain in either joint. To add insult to injury, my insurance company said the injections would be covered, if they received an itemized bill with the diagnostic code and procedure codes, which I looked up and provided to QC Kinetix. After assuring me that "they would work with me", they refused to give me an itemized bill, saying "they don't do that", nor would they have their medical director sign the bill, or add the billing codes to the bill. Bottom Line...I paid thousands of dollars for nothing and they wouldn't even help me recoup my expenditure.
Reply from 2022.10.17
Hi Ms. Dekel. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are very sorry to hear that you are still experiencing pain, and we certainly want to do what we can to help you with that. Both management of the clinic, and the Medical Director have changed since you were originally treated, and we would be happy to bring you back in for fresh evaluation to see what we can do about getting you some relief. We are passionate about what we do, and as you can see from the other reviews, many of our patients are seeing great results. We want to achieve the same for you. Our staff will be reaching out to you to address both your treatment and billing concerns to see if we can make this right for you. Thanks again.

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