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We had 3 courts completely resurfaced in mid 2020, 2 macadam and one Tiger Turf. Consequently one of the Macadam courts drains very slowly and the other is even worse and takes a couple of hours even after a short downpour. During the storm in April 2022 the Tiger Turf was completely ripped up as it was not fixed down. Apparently this is normal practise but unfortunately our insurance would not cover it as "it's an act of god". We hoped Charles Lawrence would take some responsibility but didn't and offered us a measly 5% off 20k to lay it again! They also didn't offer any discount on painting it so we could get it playing again which I thought was staggering. With regards to the Macadam they are trying to blame the company that supply the aggregate but we have been waiting months for them to come and take samples. It rained yesterday and after 90 mins of it stopping both still had significant puddles on them. I am the coach there so lost income cancelling lessons even though the sun was shining. I would think twice about using this company.
Reply from 2022.06.29
To address the issues raised by your comments regarding the resurfacing of the tennis courts at Hambleden Tennis Club carried out by Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts during August /September 2020. Firstly, regarding the issue of the Tiger Turf Carpet that was destroyed following the storms in spring of this year. Exceptional record wind speeds were recorded across the whole of the UK, the court sits at the end of valley from which the wind direction was travelling and completely lifted the carpet damaging it beyond economical repair. All artificial grass carpets are loose laid - this is standard practice and are retained by the perimeter edging. The fact that you were not insured was a mistake made by your Sports Club Committee so why should we be held responsible to replace it !!! Costs for the replacement like everything has spiralled due to supply chain difficulties you only have to look at the way fuel is going up daily, and plastics are a derivative of oil by products. So to offer you a 5% discount was quite generous on behalf of the company. Regarding the painting of the court we have a huge backlog due to carry over from last season and also the disruptive weather that we have experienced during May. The decision to place the order for this work has only recently been made. During the initial construction works of 2020 we also carried out additional items of work at no cost to the club and we gave a favourable terms when the contract was awarded so that doesn’t seem right to comment that we have been unhelpful !! Concerning the drainage of two macadam courts that we resurfaced this has been a concern and we have tried varied methods to improve this. The material supplied is not uniform and certainly doesn’t drain as well as expected and we contacted the suppler to investigate the cause of problem, however we delayed taking samples as it was too late in the season and may have caused problems with carrying out temporary repairs. We contacted the club early this year when it was suitable to do so to take samples and were that we couldn’t on numerous occasions because of coaching sessions presumable held by yourself. We were then committed to new projects starting for this season and did not have any capacity until recently. The samples are currently being tested and the results are expected imminently we will then agree a further course of action to remedy the courts all covered by our guarantee. We are in contact with the club committee constantly and seeking a way to resolve this issue. As the coach, I’m sure that you would have been kept aware of this situation at all times, I can completely understand your frustration and loss of income but Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts is not at fault and making random comments on the web is not constructive for anyone and I as owner and manging director find it extremely offended by your actions. If you would like to contact me my phone I am willing to discuss this with you in full. Mark Gamble Director Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts

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