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Joanne Massey
Joanne Massey
Working with Sophia over the last few months has changed my life! I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 17 where it was just mild symptoms and when I was 29 it changed to these flare ups which I had no control over and it got to the point where it was affecting my day to day life, I had the camera tests and blood tests and the doctors found nothing wrong, its “just IBS” so I knew I needed to look elsewhere for support. I’m so glad I found the IBS & Gut health clinic! Working with Sofia and having her support through all the changes made it so much easier than trying to figure it out alone, for the first time in years I felt truly listened to and understood. I lived in fear of not knowing when my next flare up would be or what would cause it, the anxiety I had about this has significantly reduced. I’m still working out my triggers and what I can tolerate but I am more in control of my IBS than I have been in years and I look forward to continuing to learn and building on the knowledge I have been given and hopefully one day no longer live in fear of my IBS. Thanks Sophia and the IBS&Gut Health Clinic for helping me take back control of my digestive system and helping me feel so much better.
Reply from 2023.09.20
Hi Joanne, thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review. We're very pleased you found the support so helpful. I'll be sure to pass these kind words on to Sophia also. Warmest regards, Martin Cohen

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