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Myunghwa Song
Myunghwa Song
I visited the hospital due to my son lost his silver crown and rotting , I paid 78 dollars for X-rays, but didn’t get treatment at that time and we have to wait 24th on April. is it normal??? In my country, never imagine this situation, if I paid it, we get service or treatment ..... and there is a receptionist who seemed pregnant and i really worry about .. tap water which is including heavy metal such as lead which can be harmful especially baby’s brain function as ADHD or more........ The receptionist was so nice industrious , when i was on the way to be there I couldn’t find it, she called me and came us to bring to the clinic. .. if you wanna visit there I recommend you make an appointment and fill out the form at home ... In the building there is elevator..... I didn’t knowiwhen i
Reply from 2020.07.29
Merci beaucoup pour cette évaluation, c’est très apprécié!

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