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Tajugn Shah
Tajugn Shah
SELLING FAKE PRODUCTS!!! This company does not deliver what they advertise. I bought the K9 Pro Plus from their website, and they sent a knockoff that has power issues, does not read temperatures correctly, and has multiple functions missing from their advert. When I asked to return the product, they said to send it back so they can test it. Which they did, and sent it back as it was after selling me a fake Samsung power brick and saying that it was a power issue. Since the power brick was also fake, this changed nothing. After trying to get it to work for a few days, I saw the genuine product supplied by Jambo Mobile at TBC in Sarit Centre. I asked them why they sent me a fake/inferior product and asked for a refund. He used every excuse in the book saying that I had messed the settings, I should have returned the same day and that I tampered with it. Rude, unprofessional and a disingenuous company. Do not trust or use them.

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