Ask for Umesh Luta- the best driver-guide in Rajasthan! My husband and I were extremely lucky to have met and enjoyed the company of a marvelous person and an excellent driver-guide, Umesh Luta. We spent two weeks with Umesh travelling around Rajasthan in March this year. Umesh was a joy to be with, always in a good mood, ready to adapt, to cheer us up and to help. He knows every road, every street, every hotel in every place we visited. His car was always clean and he would always make sure that we had water with us. Very easy-going and punctual, he never minded if anything changed in our itinerary. And, he did not mind when, at the end of the day, he took us from one hotel to another to look for the accommodation. Thanks to his immense generosity, we had a privilege to be invited to a few Indian households and to share meals with them and to be considered as a part of a family. We even spent the famous Indian celebration of "Holi" in a house of his friend in Bundi and we loved every moment of it. When with Umesh, we felt as we were in the company of a real friend. He never showed a sign of fatigue even though he drove for hours on end and his days with us were quite long. Always with a lovely, sincere smile, which we will never forget, Umesh has made our trip to Rajasthan an experience we will always remember. We can only thank Mr Narendra Kumar to have put us in a contact with Umesh.

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