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Maria Hannah
Maria Hannah
I first met Dr. Dazé about a week ago with a severe drug eruption rash. I was nervous, uncertain, and worried I would not have relief. This review should be read through the lens of someone who has complex medical issues, not aesthetic skin concerns. Dr. Dazé is an excellent provider and person. In my experience with him, he is extraordinarily eloquent and competent, explains complex health concerns simply and with clarity, and he has a patient-centered heart. I appreciate Dr. Dazé's expertise. I also appreciate how he treats me as an individual. I feel listened to, valued, and understood. He is available and personable; he avoids computers during his visits and shows he is paying attention to my experiences. His bedside manner is unmatched. Dr. Dazé also has an excellent team. You can tell he is respected and he treats his team well. I am a doctoral candidate in human communication behavior - I pay an inordinate amount of attention to how people behave and the way they interact with others. In many cases, I have been disappointed in the interactions I've had with health care professionals in the Carmel and Indianapolis areas. Dr. Dazé is an excellent communicator and I would happily recommend him to people I care about. He sets a standard that should be noticed; other providers can learn from him. Thanks for everything, Dr. D.
Reply from 2023.02.23
Thank you for the positive review! We work hard to provide the best quality of care. We're so glad to hear this. Have a great day!

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