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Amy Collins
Amy Collins
The folks at Khanna Denistry of Geneva are so great with my Mom, I had to write a review. My mom has been seeing Dr Khanna for her dental work and cleanings for maybe 7-8 years now. She is in her 70’s and needs frequent dental care. She tried my dentist in Wheaton, who I love, but she didn’t feel a connection. She tried Dr Khanna on my brother’s recommendation and even I am glad she did! Recently, she had a cleaning appt and was trying to keep her emotions in check as it was the birthday of her best friend, constant companion, and life partner of the last 15 years. Sadly, he passed just after Christmas of cancer. Today, I called to check on her again as it has been a tough week for her and she sang the praises of Dr Khanna and his staff for 30 minutes to me on the phone. When was the last time anyone had 30 minutes of POSITIVE PRAISE for their dentist?! They were so kind and caring - knowing (they remembered!) she might be struggling emotionally, they asked how she was feeling, they listened, they shared good memories of Tom (also cared for well by Dr Khanna), and on the way out they gave her the flower bouquet she had admired when she arrived for her appt… because Tom used to bring her bouquets of flowers for the dining room table and it was his birthday that day. Dr Khanna, Taylor, Molly, Diana, and all - She mentioned you by name and felt so cared for and special at her appt - As her daughter, I am so grateful for you also. When medical professionals treat the elderly well (remembering each patient is someone’s loved mom, sister, etc.) it is so appreciated and is a good indicator of how you treat all patients. I worked in medicine for ten years and know how unusual this type of care is (unfortunately). The elderly can often feel unheard or uncared for - like a nuisance - but not at your office!! Few people or businesses (and especially in medicine lately) make it a point to practice good patient care or excellent customer service. Thank you and may God bless you in your work. Good job Khanna Dentistry!! “People will forget what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” Thanks for making my Mom feel known, seen, heard, and cared for so well.
Reply from 2023.06.19
Dear Amy- Thank you so very much for your thoughtful review. Even though you are not Dr. Khanna's patient, we appreciate you taking the time to write about your Mom's experience with us. The whole team was concerned for your mom in the last few years and empathized with what she was going through. She is a very special woman and dear to all of us! Thank you again for your kind words. It really means a lot to the whole team. Best Regards- Khanna Dental Team

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