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Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith
The Maitland clinic is everything you should be looking for when considering hair restoration surgery. . Dr Ball and David Anderson have your very best interests at heart, because It's important to take a long term view when considering hair restoration surgery, and expert professional advise is absolutely crucial. What Dr Ball is not going to do is try and sell you a hair transplant, rather, he is going to try to provide you with the best possible course of action for you to take in your hairloss journey, be it surgery or not. I recently had some work done at the clinic, as I was a suitable candidate for sugery (1340 grafts fue), and everything was outstanding. Dr Ball is a modern day Picasso, and his hairline design was perfect for my head shape, and for my current level of hair loss. He is a perfectionist, and excellent communicator, and his staff are well acquainted and work together every day, having formed an essential bond, which again is very important when carrying out this type of work. You don't want some temp that's in for a couple of days and has never worked with the other technicians before in his or her life, what you want is flow and harmony between them, and an intricate understanding of each others ways and of the core values of the Maitland clinic. Lana was extremely helpful whenever I e-mailed or telephoned with questions before the procedure, and nothing was was too much trouble for her. The consultation with David Anderson is extremely useful and is worth paying for. You are getting the best advise from highly trained people, and both Dr Edward Ball and David Anderson have both had hair transplants in the past, which to me was somewhat reassuring to know. Experience is an added bonus at the Maitland clinic. Everything was explained to me in detail, with clear, concise understanding and the ability for me to express any concerns or ask questions, at any point. Even the food provided was top notch , I couldn't believe my luck when I was given naked fruit bars on my snacks trolley. And one of the lady's even went out to fetch my lunch for me, this is a wonderful thing, and saved me from having to go and source it myself halfway through the op. There are regular breaks throughout the day, tv entertainment and lots of food. It almost feels more like a spa day, than a hair transplant. Everything provided to me, from the food, the pillow and products, to the bag it all came in, is all just lovely, good quality stuff. The procedure itself was practically painless, apart from the local aesthetic injections, which were only moderately uncomfortable for a few seconds. Dr Ball examined it carefully at the end and gave it his seal of approval. In fact, he described it as a masterpiece, which is not something he would say lightly, given he could find faults with a hair transplant that would appear faultless to most people. I just don't know how it's possible to do something as brilliant as this, but they did. Dr Ball and his technicians stayed until early evening to get the job done, it was over when it was over, their dedication and discipline to get it done right was like a specialist military operation of some sort. This was their number one objective of the day, and it was getting done and done right, no matter what. I could write much more, but doing your research for this type of thing is paramount, and while I'd never say to just take my word for it, if you knew how scrupulous I am in doing my research you'd probably feel at ease on taking my recommendation here. I spent two years of scrolling forum after forum in the hairloss community, and reading countless articles and independent reviews. I constantly checked the BAHRS, ISHRS and American hairloss association websites for every surgeon I researched, and time after time, I came back to Dr Ball. We are immensely fortunate to have him in the medical world, and to be beneficiaries of his skills and talents. Thank you Dr Ball, for turning your vision into a reality with the Maitland Clinic. Thank you Dr Ball and the whole team for a great experience.

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