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susan Cragg
susan Cragg
Being honest, I was going to phone around at least 3 places to get prices. Didn’t get that far… Mega Grab was the first company I phoned. The chap who answered was polite and friendly and gave me a price there and then on the phone and said he could do it that day. I presume that other companies may also do something similar but I can’t comment on that as I was sold on first contact! I was given a time they would arrive, but I did get a call earlier in the day, they wanted to know if I was available for an earlier pick up. Unfortunately I was busy at the time and missed the call. The driver who turned up at the designated time was lovely. He had a look at the area first before driving the lorry into the compound. The driver was very polite and very good at what he was doing. It did not take him long to get all the soil and rubble into the lorry. We had around 15 tonnes. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone who has rubble or excess soil to remove. Way easier than the skip we were going to get!!!

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