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J & D Lloyd
J & D Lloyd
This is not a caring veterinary practice. They will not accommodate emergency care for pets and do not get the care they do schedule done correctly. We had chosen to ignore the unnecessarily terse email from this office when we asked for our medical records. They have now chosen to misrepresent that we were abusive to them. We were not. They have a right to disagree with our reasons for being upset, but their post and email reflect our concern: Inability to accept criticism from an ongoing client who felt their attitude several times when a pet was needing immediate care were underwhelming. More importantly, they show a lack of empathy that a client is scared and emotional when their pet needs help. Not a great quality in a vet office.”
Reply from 2021.08.17
Thank you for your review. We try our best to accommodate same day emergencies. We want to be able to provide the absolute best care for the pets that we see. When it is possible, we try to adjust the schedule to be able to fit a patient in but we might have to suggest going to an ER if we are too overbooked and feel that it would be in a pet's best interest. We did try to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately, this was met with insults, and we simply do not tolerate this type of behavior.

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