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Most of the staff are great and very helpful, especially Colleen. We had a few administration errors that occured but thats normal with big businesses but they all got fixed eventually. Much better then our previous centre as our child can go back for more food if hungry and actually has toys to play with. Our son has been at the centre for a few months now and we've learnt that admin issues are very common. It seems the head office or centre, who ever is at fault, needs better admin processes as we're needing to fix something weekly with our invoice. It's either the medical certificate sent to the centre or head office isn't uploaded to centrelink or they haven't fixed the attendance hours when their internet is done and we can't sign our son out.
Reply from 2023.05.15
Thank-you Shaun for the great review. We do pride ourselves on the food we serve and the endless amounts the children can have.

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