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Lorraine Starr
Lorraine Starr
My husband had 3 surgeries with Dr. Sherban in Buffalo NY at Sherban Orthopedics. two in 2016 and one in 2017. My husband loved this doctor until recently and I will explain why. Recently he has been having major back issues and Dr Sherban moved his practice to Florida, 10 offices to be exact. We saw a couple of doctors here in Buffalo, but none will help because they did not do the original surgeries. I called Dr Sherbans' office in Tampa, Florida and made an appointment for my husband. His recent MRI along with all medical coverage were sent to his office, per their directions. Megan Whiteford took all the information, and his appointment was set for 11/11/2022 at 4:30. First Megan told me she did not get approval from his medical provider. I told her I would call and did, and they approved our visit and so did my primary doctor. So, when they realized that excuse did not work, Megan again then used the excuse that they were not taking new patients, but right on the home page of all the offices it says, "TAKING ALL NEW PATIENTS". Also the most ridiculous thing that I heard is my husband is a new patient, even though it is the same doctor. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life? So, while playing games with my husband, we went back and forth. Megan also told me she would get me a list of doctors that Dr. Sherban knows in the Buffalo area that will actually treat my husband, since they did not do the original surgeries. Keep into mind it was 3 surgeries and a lot of hardware was inserted in his back. Plus, a whole lot of insurance money was collected because I saw all the hospital bills. She also told me she would ask Dr. Sherban to call my husband and explain the most recent MRI, but she doubts he will do it. First off, we have no idea what is going on, could some of the hardware broke, did a screw fall out and hitting his spine we have so many questions and no answers. In the meantime, we cannot find a doctor to look at my husband and give advice because they did not do the surgeries and he is in a huge amount of pain, but I guess they collect the money and are done with you no matter what the problem is. I WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR HE REALLY IS. I guess my next move will be to contact our Attorney. Sorry this is so long but I can't believe a doctor would treat his patient like this. Lorraine Starr

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