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Craig Beale (CMB Drone Services)
Craig Beale (CMB Drone Services)
Having already seen what General Drones are capable of in 2022, I decided to sign up for their Rescue Drone course in January of 2023. I kind of knew what I was going to experience from talking extensively to the instructors beforehand. They answered all my questions and set me at ease so I knew I would really enjoy this course. During the 2 weeks of the course, the first 3 days were theory based where we learnt about their proprietary drone technology, life saving techniques, ways of working on site and most importantly maintenance procedures. Following the 3 days of theory everything else was practical based. We were constantly flying their drone, practising complex manoeuvrers in GPS assisted flying and Manual mode. In a small group of four per instructor which really made everything feel more personal. As I mentioned before, I had seen some of the training the previous year which gave me confidence in the company, but the actual course really surpassed everything I was expecting! The instructors were strict, challenging and supportive in all the right measures. They challenged my piloting in ways which I didn't know I needed to work on, and now I am a much better Drone Pilot than before the course. The exam was fantastic, on a beach in the Valencian community with real "victims" in the water, Jet ski's and even the local police force. It made everything feel even more real and put the pressure on in the moment of a simulated rescue which is what is needed. Overall I couldn't be happier with my experience and want to say thank you to the 3 instructors, David, Enrique and Benjamin for their time and expertise during these two weeks. 100% Recommended.

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