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I’ve had maids before so this review is with a fair base comparison. I wanted to switch since my maid of 5 years brought her pricing up by almost double.The first time I had Houston Maids Services come out for a deep clean, which is 4 hours, they did an “okay” job. I tidy my house before maids come so that they can focus solely on cleaning, not moving too many things around. The house felt wiped down, but not necessarily clean. I thought, eh.. maybe I’m comparing it to my last maid who did an amazing job but got too expensive compared to others on the market. I gave this company another chance and the second time was even worse. They “cleaned” my house in LESS than two hours when I paid for four. But how do you tell maids.. “hey.. can you keep cleaning for another two hours” when they are set on the house being done already? They left and I went back to inspect. The house felt “wiped down”. Like if you told your teenager to clean and they just took a wet paper towel and did a quick wipe throughout the house. In my experience, I’ve never unscented cleaner. That was my first clue. Usually you can “smell clean” bc most cleaners will either have a nice scent or smell like bleach for example but there was no scent in the house! The mop was water sloshed around just as that… just water. Also, one of the bathrooms wasn’t mopped, a few tables were not dusted, and the top of my dresser mirror was not dusted. I’m not really sure what else was not done but it was enough to never use this company again.
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Dear Kim, we deeply regret that our service didn't meet your expectations. Please contact our customer service to address these concerns and offer solutions.

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