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AM Jamey
AM Jamey
Very good place and comfortable Lovely apartment and the doctor was too friendly , she answered about every question I asked she really took care of me during the surgery , The stuff was very good , I really liked the lunch too ? I did my surgery a month ago and I’m waiting to see the results And I’ll do my second surgery with them again for sure Do I recommended them ?! Form what I experienced YES I do I only have one comments about them and that is how much hair they transplant they do usually max 6000 hair and that’s equal to around 2300 crafts and for some people this is not enough so they have to do two or three surgeries but in other places they do more than 6000 hair or 2300 graphs so this is the only thing you might need to consider but I guarantee you won’t have any problems after the surgery like itching or swelling , I am sure the doctor have an opinion Keeping the donor Area not harmed by taking more than 6000 and I understand that but I hope if they can do more than 6000 . But as I said they are really good I’ll post an update in future about the results and share my final opinion . Bye ✌️

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