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Elif Akkus Cecen
Elif Akkus Cecen
As a professional cleaners me and my partner applied to Orange Cleaning, 10 days later they just returned. And when we connected to them, naturally we asked about their tasks, cleaning and payment process. And they only said “ why would i do that” . (was so odd and unprofessional) And They THREATENED me with his lawyer if I commented on this matter on google review. As a cleaner, i never recommend to work with this company and their payment rate very very low compared to all another cleaning companies. They are many other professional and good companies in market to work with. Don’t recommend you to waste your time while waiting their return and try to work with an unprofessional company.
Reply from 2021.08.26
Hi Elif, what you say is far from the truth. Firstly, after saying that you have already found work, you then asked for our sensitive business information such as checklist of end of lease and our rates that we charge customer. That is very sensitive information and we only give it to our client or our cleaning team BUT YOU ARE NOT IN OUR TEAM. We simply refused your unreasonable requests. Additionally you are not in our team, how on earth can you say we pay our cleaners "very very low rate"? If you have a cleaning business or whatever you are doing, we suggest you work hard and work with dignity not try to damage other people's reputation by lying. You wont get anywhere with this harmful mindset.

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