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Cassandra Bradley
Cassandra Bradley
came to this Walmart location today trying to locate a tire warranty and the woman was getting irritated with us because we had a few different numbers to provide for her. So we then asked what the cheapest tire we can get to which she replied “oh now you want me to find a you a new tire?”. She then proceeded to say I’m gonna go help someone else and literally walked off leaving us standing there. I went inside to find a manager only to find a a lady behind the counter with a giant line. Now I’m inside and stuck as I always forget those doors lock behind you and I asked to be let out , was ignored, stated louder MY CHILD IS OUTSIDE, he was with with his father but it was hot and he was as sick and I had the car Keys. I had to demand again once more to be let out of the store and she slightly turned and pushed a button, the door opened/it was THAT easy. It was that simple and my cry’s for help to get back to my son shouldn’t of taken that long. I was in straight panic mode after she ignored me the 1st time. Not to mention before that a lady in the line card wouldn’t go thru and this same employee was laughing and looking at the line of people to get them to laugh and smile along with her. No one did- we were shocked and the poor lady was mortified.. Yeah I don’t l know why but I’m always still so surprised when I come across such horrible customer service. Do better!!

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