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Caroline Easton
Caroline Easton
Sam was awesome! I've never taken pilates before, and Sam was very welcoming and made sure to take the class through every exercise so the newbies knew what was going on. I have neck tension and tenderness from fibromyalgia, so some movements needed to be adjusted to take the strain off of my neck. I told Sam this before class and she was more than happy to make accommodations to help get me comfortable during the exercises. If you're a first timer definitely show up 20 minutes before class to get the run down. The grippy socks that they have in studio for purchase are extremely cute. The pair I bought was $16. Is this a normal price for grippy socks? No idea. But they're cute as heck and will get lots of use! Wanted to update this after a few sessions: Sam has a rocking playlist and everyone is very kind. I highly recommend this place to newcomers and experienced folks!

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