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Glass Fibre
Glass Fibre
We recently decided to update the content and design of our web site due to an increase in online sales and also enquiries on our training courses and customers seeking technical advice. We are a Glassfibre Distribution Company which among other areas we supply to the Building Industry. In order to be number one in Google search we not only need to reach out to Builders but also to Architects / Engineers and DIY enthusiast alike. We required a Web design Company that would encompass all our needs in a professional and friendly user way. A Company that would use the most up to date technology using specialised software to facilitate the launch of our ‘Material Calculators’ and Video tutorials at a very reasonable cost. That Company was Design2 in Naas County Kildare. Stephen and Liam were of great help to us in fulfilling our needs. We have received very positive comments from other designers and more importantly, our customers. We would have no hesitation in recommending Design2 as the first port of call to any Industry that are thinking of starting out or updating there online presence in order to increase sales.
Reply from 2023.07.26
Thank You Liam, Great that its all working so well selling your products - Kind Regards Stephen.

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