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Lisa Ambrosini
Lisa Ambrosini
As an update to my original review from 2 years ago - the Duo team is as great as ever, and have been wonderful in helping me navigate the world of post-natal fitness during the various lockdowns. The trainers are all amazing, but in particular: Gerry is great for goal setting, Karmen will push you beyond what you think is possible, Izzy is fab for the most amazing sweat (even if you hate cardio like me, she will get your heart rate going), and Tyreq is great for the perfect mix of lifting and cardio. ------ I've been training with the Duo team for nearly 4 years and they are the best in Chelsea. No gimmicks, no silly diets, no fake promises - just good workouts and advice on nutrition. Friendly environment, everyone looks healthy (it's not full of over-developed or under-weight people) and whether you're 20, 50, or in your 30s like me, the sessions are tailored to your aims and abilities as they keep the groups small. Gerry and Chris have been great in supporting my fitness goals throughout my pregnancy, and the team was also amazing in helping me come back from two (unrelated to exercise) back injuries. Highly recommended.

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