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Rosanna Sopp
Rosanna Sopp
So Tyreq might have promised me I'd never have to do the assault bike again if I wrote a review, but I promise this is all true... Genuinely though, this is the best gym I've ever been to - and I've been to a lot! I've tried big cheap chains, small boujie gyms, and this smashes them all out of the park. There is no where else in London you'll get this much dedicated, hands on (metaphorically) attention. Every move can be scaled up/down and they have a great selection of weights and equipment. As soon as I started they remembered I had a back issue and had the equipment set up for me to accommodate that. Whatever your fitness level, whatever injury you might have, they will accommodate and help you. I've been coming for years and I have zero intention of going anywhere else. Keep up the great work lads and ladies (but legitimately never put me on an assault bike again)

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