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Thomas Depwe
Thomas Depwe
Thought I was getting an exam to find out what is wrong with my shoulder, then developing a treatment plan. Exam basically consisted of me pointing to my shoulder saying it hurts here. The physician told me I could go to her private practice to figure out whats wrong (and pay her there) because they don't do exams at QC. I then got shuffled off to the consultant/owner/salesman office. The notes she gave him boiled down to "left shoulder, restricted motion." The guy acknowledged that they don't know exactly what is wrong, but this amazing treatment could fix whatever it is for only $7,000. (Discount if I start treatment immediately without thinking about it of course.) I was offered the chance to spend an additional $2,000 actually figuring out what was wrong first, but the owner recommended I skip that part because it would "be a waste of money." And they don't take insurance because this isn't considered medical treatment. Edit for the owner: If you don't believe me, I can show you the text your NP Tammy sent me about 15 mins after I left from her personal cell. She wanted me to have the contact info for her other practice so I could come see them for the exam I thought I was getting at QC. Wonder why she would want me at her practice if I was "nothing but rude to everyone the moment I walked in." I also wonder how Tammy got my cell number since I didn't give it to her and had already left. You also suggested that I had some alterior motive for coming in and may not actually need any treatment. Why would someone come in for a 7:30 am appt, just to lie on a review? If that was my plan, I would skip the appt, and just write a review. Try thinking this through before you respond. Your "consultation" sounded more like a used car salesman's pitch. It even had the "better act now before this deal goes away" section of the pitch. Maybe your treatment does work and is worth every penny, but as I advised you in person, the pushy sales tactics are a huge red flag for me. And I prefer someone who will at least identify the root cause before selling me a treatment. Good luck going forward.
Reply from 2023.08.17
Mr. Depwe. We appreciate you coming in for the consultation. As the call center advised on your initial call, and my office advised on your follow-up call prior to coming in, this was a free 'consultation'. After being rude to our staff on the phone, as well as towards each person you saw from the moment you walked in, we still took time to visit with you. Meanwhile, your take on things is quite interesting, albeit a misrepresentation of the facts at the least; at the most, an outright lie. You were not offered anything of the sort regarding spending $2000 additionally, nor were you ever told to skip anything whatsoever. That is an absurd mistatement. If you will recall, you were advised that we do not send people out for expensive MRI's unnecessarily unless we believe them to be warranted for diagnosis. Further, we don't take insurance because the insurance companies are not covering the regenerative medicine protocols yet; to state that these are not medical treatments is patently false. As far as the going to another private practice, privacy laws prevent detailing the conversation here. However, you and I both know that statement is an absolute mischaracterization of actual events. I am not suprised by the review posted, as it fully aligns with the attitude presented from your very first contact with our staff. It begs the question as to what your true intentions were. In any case, if you are in fact having pain, we wish you the best and sincerely hope you find the medical attention you need.

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