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Kent Haley
Kent Haley
I contacted Skywalker Roofing about replacing the facia wrap on my home and shop. The old facia the paint on it was peeling off. Long story short they came and gave me an estimate for repairs, none of the other contractors I contacted even returned my calls. Skywalker Roofing sent Richard Herrera and his crew to perform the required work. Richard and his crew in my opinion did an outstanding job. They were fast but also paid attention to detail and they were very professional, Richard and I talked several times while they were working on the house and shop. He asked if I was pleased or if he needed to adjust or change anything I said no. When they were finished he and I did a walk around to see if he or I saw anything that needed to be addressed before they left. I saw no issues with their work. I am very happy with the work that was performed and I would like to thank Skywalker Roofing and especially thank Richard Herrera and his crew for their hard work and doing an absolutely awesome job. Thanks again Richard

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