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Marina Polkovnik
Marina Polkovnik
Got the lip filler for the first time 7 month ago at this clinic; I’m not satisfied with the shape as I have asked to put 1ml in my upper lip and 0.5ml in my lower but it is obvious how I just got the same amount in both. Still, I would not be writing this review if it wasn’t for the 3 huge permanent bumps that are popping from my lower lip which is very disturbing.
Reply from 2024.02.04
Dear Marina, I am truly sorry to hear about your experience and appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. At our clinic, patient satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we take all concerns seriously. I would like to clarify that before proceeding with any treatment, we always discuss the specifics with our patients and show them the products in their original packaging. In your case, I distinctly remember demonstrating the syringes, both before and after the procedure, to ensure transparency about the amount of filler used. Regarding the lumps you mentioned, they can occasionally occur as a side effect of the treatment, and they usually subside within a few weeks. However, we were not made aware of this issue post-treatment, or we would have immediately arranged a follow-up consultation to address your concerns. Please know that we are here to support you through this process and would like to invite you back to the clinic at your earliest convenience, so we can rectify any issues and ensure your satisfaction. These are medical procedures, and while complications are rare, we are fully equipped and committed to guiding our patients through any challenges they may face. Once again, I apologise for any distress caused and assure you that your feedback has been taken into consideration. We look forward to resolving this matter and hope to restore your confidence in our services. Kind Regards, Dr Sarwar Founder

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