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Patryk Sadowski
Patryk Sadowski
Do not go there to get your implants done. They will do everything to keep their price as high as as possible. Dear Aura Dentistry, In order to reply to your comments I’m editing my initial comments and adding some more info below. I have only missed one appointment and I do not mind to pay for that. That is not a problem and totally understood. However your receptionist never asked for this payment. What I was referring to that you have approved my treatment and have already agreed on a date and I accepted that. I only asked to reimburse the price for the payments I made so far since this is what your stuff advised me at the very beginning. Therefore I have decided to go with the treatment taking into account that all initial payments I paid so far will be included in the price. However none of them weren’t included. Regarding the implant price breakdown. On the 3rd visit your doctor A Aslam-Pervez priced it at £5050 where £700 was not related at all to implant treatment but just a visual look (composite bonding) to the other tooth that did not require any treatment. When I refuse that on the very next visit the same doctor advised me that I need a “gym graft” treatment (never mentioned before) for extra £1000. Therefore taking the price back to £5100 this time. So no matter what, you will find something to add at least £1000 to your price to keep it at £5k level. So after I asked for my initial costs to be included in the total price the very next day I received a call from your clinic advising me to find a specialist since you are not capable to finish the implant treatment for myself where 2 days ago you were more then happy to go ahead. Therefore please avoid this clinic since they always will bring the price up and they will find 100s reasons to do so. ** Another update to comment on your last update ** Dear Aura Practice You are keep referring to repeated FCAs. Not too sure what this means but I’m assume you are referring to not coming on time to me pre-scheduled visit. I will say this one more time that there was only one visit that I have missed and there was no more that that. So please stop lying here and accept that you are incapable to finish the work because your patient asked for initial costs to be included in the final price breakdown as your receptionist initially advised. So please stop repeating yourself with multiple FTAs since you just saying a lay here and have no background whatsoever to say that. One more lying comment that does not stand to the truth and I will take this complain a level up, and this will not be a google reviews.
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Hi Patryk We endeavour to provide clients with a free consultations to help provide a rough breakdown of what treatment would entail and cost. More investigation are sometimes required to accurately assess a case. If you’d like to get in touch and provide us with the opportunity to resolve this for you, please email us at Best Wishes, The Aura Team 😊

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