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Veronica Mobley
Veronica Mobley
I love this daycare. We've always called it escuela for the kids. I have two kids who've come to Spanish For Fun. They serve morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack after nap time and introduce fruits and vegetables to the kids. The staff, including the director Carol, has not only been responsive to concerns/requests, or even "new-parent" nervousness, but has always been loving to my children, whether their teacher or not, and my children respond to them lovingly so I'm confident it's genuine. They have two dance recitals a year of which my kids have loved participating in. They also allow parents to participate in planning their kid's graduation celebration. I recommend this place to anyone, especially if wanting your kids to learn Spanish.
Reply from 2023.03.29
We appreciate your kind words! Thank you for the trust you have given us to take care of your two beautiful kids. Without a doubt, our staff has always done their best to provide a caring, loving, and safe environment for our little ones. We are more than happy to have parents involved in special activities as this is also an important way that we connect with our families. Gracias!

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