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Richard Barnett
Richard Barnett
I had my phones face replacement done and picked up the phone around 1:00 and by 9:00 the face had 70% separated from the phone. On top of that when someone would call there was a garbled sound on other person's phone when they spoke. The phone worked fine prior to the cracked screen. I was accused of damaging the phone that I just had fixed. I am baffled as to why they think I would pay to have the phone fixed and then try and remove the face? I am a business owner and we have done an incredible amount of work for free when customers have had issues, even when they are completely in the wrong. Not the case here! I was treated as though I had done something wrong. I was told that the phone had been dropped causing the damage when in fact it had not been dropped. I had been a previous customer and will not be a return customer. Horrible customer service! There is no warranty for their workmanship, so buyer beware.

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