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Stephanie Messer
Stephanie Messer
This is has been the most stressful experience. We purchased new couches that were delivered in July. When they were delivered our brand new floors that were instead just 30 days before were damaged by the delivery company, couches had an orange residue, and part of the upholstery was torn. Filed a claim with the delivery company who took 2 weeks to call me about the situation (they said it would be within 72 hrs). i then get told they can’t send someone out until September. Meanwhile my husband and i were able to get the scuff marks out of the flooring. I wait til september and technician comes out 9/11 to get the residue off and i get told that the torn upholstery was not on the report so there’s nothing that he can do. He stated he would be filing a report and someone would get back to me “soon”. 9/19 i call the delivery company and i’m told that a report was made but this goes to the manufacturer at ashley and if i would like an update i would need to call ashley. i call ashley and they state they have nothing on file. the technician states his system is down and will have to call me back. so frustrating and such a let down especially when you spend 4k on couches. the was our first and last time buying at ashley. our sales guy was perfect and the easiest transaction but the aftermath has been a nightmare. i should not have to play the middle man and be calling two different companies to try and figure this out.

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