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Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning


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Ryan Stephenson
Ryan Stephenson
I have NO idea how this company has so many positive reviews. Everyone in my neighborhood told us to stay away from radiant. We saw the reviews and thought maybe we would go with them anyway. WORST decision ever. We signed up for their 1 year maintenance plan. Then we got a call before our appointment for the spring/summer tune up that they needed to focus on their other customers who did not have working ACs in May. Told us they would call back once they could come out for the maintenance tune up. Waited the whole summer, just to get a call in September wanting to schedule our “summer” tune up. I told them no thanks. They also told us our AC unit was old and needed to be replaced. We got Airstrike AC to come out and they were professional, prompt, and punctual. All things Radiant was not. They were able to come out immediately that week and do our tune up. Airstrike also told us that our AC is actually only 2 years old.. and just needs a new capacitor, NOT a whole new unit. Do not go with Radiant, go with Airstrike.

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