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Horace Hearst
Horace Hearst
This is my experience with QC kinetics I was skeptical about coming to the office, I heard this over the radio 94.5 and several times I pay no attention to it I got hit on my bicycle from a vehicle back in 2012 and soon I found out that my leg got pushed up into my hip socket and the cartilage between my sockets was slowly wearing out I didn't know this until a couple of years later so I went like this the pain and hurting for about 5 years because the doctor told me I needed a hip replacement I really didn't feel like I wanted to go that route of having a hip replacement so the next time the advertisement for QC connect came up on the radio of 94.5 I wrote down the phone number call them and they set up an appointment for a consultation when I arrived there Arthur had a consultation with me explain it to me in every detail about what QC connected was about regenerating the cartilage between your bone socket and he explained to me the procedure what did I need to do and how I need to get it done I explained to him that I didn't have the funds for this author really assured me that many people have came in there his office and was in the same boat as I was and he helped them out so that same day I end up getting my first injection the first in Jackson for me was a little rough because I've been walking for so long rubbing bone to bone my leg and my hip but after that the second injection was better they are five injections all the staff there was very professional and excellent made me feel really good about what I needed to do all the way from the receptionist to the person who draw my blood to the person who come in and give me the heated laser for my hip but there are special people a couple that I like to point out and one of the person she's a NP her name is Talia F. She was given me my injections starting with the second and she did my bone marrow from the back side of hip through that out and inject it on on the side of my hip right side She did my procedure Let me tell you She's pretty smooth She relaxes you She has A great bedside mannerThat I really do Appreciate that And I thank her, As well as I want to thank Mr ArthurThe consultationist, I do not have any pain On that Rightside I am walking70%Better I come back in 3 monthsTo do my last injection But in between time I will be doing Some physical therapyTo stretch my tendons and muscles outI really needed this And I'm so glad that IDid walk in to QC kineticsThanks again you all QC kinetic staff Over there in Gilbert Arizona.. I would recommendThat if you have Any problems with your joints Where there's the knee Hip Elbows Check them out Everyone has their different opinion And maybe It doesn't work For some people and it works for other people But you have to be willingTo do exactlyAs they recommend Therapy, Stretching If you don't want to do surgery.
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Hi Horace, thank you for taking the time to leave us a 5-star review! We are delighted to know you had a wonderful experience and appreciate your business.

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