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John Legend
John Legend
Dude's a crook. There's no Nagle St. in Bryan, Tx, he's not insured, or bondes. He alsi added fake 5 star reviews and the 5 star reviews he placed on Google are from "customers" with only 1 review. As everyone can see, it's not only me with negative reviews and similar issues with this crook, but the ppl posting 5 star revies are praising his outstanding service but don't have any revies for any other businesses. As if they don't go to restaurants or watch movies, etc. He does suxh a great job, that instead of rating ANY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT AT ALL, they juat so happened to decise to rake timw out to rate him and no one else. Dude is so ignorant he doesn't even possess the intelligence to use ab REAL Street that's actually IN Bryan Txwith a fictitious number. The items moved totaled 10 with a few bags and i was charged $265. They "lost/left" items like my passport and insred items i had pay a deductible for. I had Tvs with no power chords, xbox and Ps5 controllers and games missing, tables without the glass and glass without the tavles and stands, etc. So can take that money that you ppl stile and spend on an attorney because what i state on tgis review has a paper trail. And yes.... My renter's insurance haas a REAL and verifiable address, as does my attorney. aand Johnny Coxhran wouldn't be able to defend to provide a reasonable defense pertaining to your intended and premeditated use of an address that's nonexistent or why "Aggieland Moving*, isn't bonded and/or insured or even permitted/licensed to operate . Clearly..... this dude attended ATM

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