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Jean Claude Leroux
Jean Claude Leroux
Started going to leaf Health in Menai Bridge to get help with my peripheral neuropathy using acupuncture. Got quite some improvement straight away thanks to Carol. One week could not make it to Menai Bridge and went to Bangor for a acupuncture session with Arran. Wasvery impressed with his approach towards the the treatment, but also about his advice regarding herbal teas and herbal use as help to deal with my symptoms. He is very enthousiastic about his herbal knowledge and use and took acupuncture a step further, suggesting other places to get the needles in. He is very openminded to suggestions and after me asking even started electro acupuncture, what proved to be a good move. After complaining about a trigered finger due to a inflamed tendon he also treated this with, this time, quite immediate improvement, saving me to have the steriod injection in my hand/finger. As a sportsman himself and me preparing for a first rowing race, he gave me a lot of information about sports injuries and how to threat those with aupuncture, which is very much overlooked by athletes. About my neuropathy, the consultant neurologist told me there was no cure for my condition, could not improve only deteriorate, pain controlled by mediicine. The medicine (Gabapartin) caused so many side effects I did not want to proceed with them. Where the numbness in my feet and legs is slightly faiding away, I certainly will continue to the acupuncture sessions. Shame that acupuncture is not available at the NHS. Many thanks Arran
Reply from 2022.02.07
Thanks for this great review Claude. We really appreciate you taking the time to do it. We are so glad Carole and Arran have been able to help you.

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