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sarah bowlin
sarah bowlin
If you’re new to therapy, you’re in the right place. I’ve been a patient here for several months now. I also know of a few people who go here after I referred them. The interns and non-interns alike are compassionate and intelligent, though of course they have different levels of experience. This is an inclusive (in many ways) therapy practice committed to discussing and including the impact of systemic inequities on clients in treatment, which is very healing for many people. Many of their Illinois therapists accept Medicaid and I was able to find and work with therapists who offer sessions after 5pm to fit my schedule. They seem really up-to-date on research. I had a few therapists before landing with my current one, and each time, they went above and beyond to help connect me with a new therapist. I have also found my email communication with them to be really kind and caring. You can tell the high and deep regard these therapists have for their patients - I feel it with my therapist often. I haven’t experienced this with many other places. They take the well-being of clients, and the role of therapist, seriously. They offer some group therapy options, though I have yet to do them. I like the focus on trauma work that some therapists offer as trauma work is essential for many people. This place focuses specifically on psychoanalysis, so they have a specific focus on exploring the past - more than other therapy offices might - and connecting the past to current day events. This means you dig deep and it is very client-centered. You are accepted as you are and you lead the pace. It might feel slower at times, because it’s not immediately jumping to fast solutions, but getting to the roots results in deep healing, and you’ll see solutions start to naturally occur as a result. I am grateful a place likes Depth exists - wish more of their therapists had profiles on TherapyDen and Psychology Today so I could have found them earlier! Thanks to everyone here for all their hard work.
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Dear Sarah, Thank you for taking the time to write such a long and thoughtful review. As your message suggests, it can take a lot of trial and error to find the right therapist. I appreciate you sharing your experience, and I hope that it will serve as a source of encouragement to others. Best regards, Greg Rizzolo Clinical Director

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