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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
Got terminated from overall appropriate, beneficial Depth counseling services with EG 80-100% of the motive being that I -LITERALLY-requested it 3 times. Nonetheless, most importantly, I EACH AND EVERY one of those times told depth to disregard this request and (but!!)after 3 ‘STRIKES’ …… I was undoubtedly (understandably?!?!) “out”! Can’t regret (enough!!)having spoken without thinking, and depth arguing/claiming that my termination had little-to-nothing with those requests I made , 1) Isn’t going to make me change my story [be mindful of that , please, and confirm that you understand that ] and 2) I’ll think twice before asking to end something in future (not just counseling services!!) Would hate (“hate” is a profound understatement!) to , for example, in the future be in a relationship with a girlfriend, one day while upset and unable to control(my) self tell her “ I’d rather not be with you anymore “ only to motivate her to not wanna be with me, whilst (WORSE YET; MORE AGGRAVATING) not have her admit the major/sole reason …. Referrals depth gave me didn’t work in sense of places not accepting insurance and/or me calling them

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