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An Eye Opener,"los Latinos deberian leer este libro" Latinos, this book says the things you cannot say in public. Refreshing to read. It got a little technical sometimes, but it was very easy to connect the dots, as it said. You hear about China, but to read all the things together is alarming, especially where America is heading as a country. I watch CNN at least 4 nights a week and have not heard any reporting on these issues. Why is no one talking about this? The problems in society today are troubling for me as a parent of 3 children. I took a break from nursing to home-schooling my kids. As a Latina from Central America coming to America for a better life, I believe in strong borders, laws, God, and moral beliefs. The government is making America into a Central American country with corruption and crime in our cities. This is what we ran from, and now it is here.I am buying this book for my other family to read, wish it was in Spanish also. More people need to read this book. Thank you, Author, for speaking the truth.

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