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Santiago Flores
Santiago Flores
An interesting and insightful reading "The Performing Heart: How to Escape the Trap of Relentless Performing and Enter the Security of God's Rest" by Susan Bowman is a transformative guide that addresses the exhausting pursuit of acceptance and approval. As an inner healing and deliverance minister, author Bowman leads readers on a profound exploration of their hearts, unraveling the root causes of performance-based behaviors and people-pleasing tendencies.Through prayerful and step-by-step instructions, the book gently guides individuals towards the liberating embrace of God's promised rest. Endorsed by experts and counselors, the book's well-organized bullet-point prayers offer practical tools for emotional healing and forgiveness."The Performing Heart" promises a powerful and potentially emotional journey towards freedom in Christ, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking emotional healing and personal growth. With its insightful and practical approach, this book is a comprehensive roadmap to finding genuine rest and liberation from the shackles of relentless performing.

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