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A great read! Embark on a soul-stirring journey to freedom and tranquility with "The Performing Heart" by Susan Bowman. As a minister of inner healing and deliverance, Bowman expertly uncovers the allure of seeking approval, unveiling the hidden treasures within our hearts. This book transcends the ordinary, serving not only those seeking emotional healing but also ministers seeking to enhance their healing arsenal. The chapter on forgiveness hits home, leaving a profound impact on even the most hesitant hearts. With its empowering bullet-point prayers, the book becomes a beacon guiding readers towards freedom in Christ. Joel Gorveatte's prediction of transformative power, perhaps evoking tears, rings true for many. Rev. Lori Maxey passionately advocates keeping this life-changing book close, allowing God to usher readers into His divine rest. Niamh Jackson rightly hails it as a practical and insightful roadmap to liberation. "The Performing Heart" is an exceptional tapestry of wisdom, tender yet resolute, offering a unique path to emotional healing and spiritual freedom. Traverse this transformative road, and let your heart find the liberation it craves.

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