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Scarlett Jensen
Scarlett Jensen
Spiritual Enlightenment The Performing Heart Copyright © 2023 by Susan Bowman. Susan Bowman has served the body of Christ as a minister of inner healing and deliverance for more than 20 years. In this book, she approaches healing and deliverance from the heart’s perspective. Because you will be learning something new, it may feel at first more difficult than it really is. She encourages you to read slowly and prayerfully. Consider taking notes. Give yourself the time you need to absorb this new information. It is biblically sound and life-changing.About the branch of science called neuro – cardiology:Susan began looking deeply into the biblical passages about the importance of the heart while also studying the scientific research being conducted on the human heart. From the research she learned that patterns from early life are stored within the heart.Rest for the Performing Heart: A Study Guide—The Chapters are summarized. There are Guidelines to define and interpret the information cited from multiple sources with questions to be answered for your enlightenment. We ignore and downplay religious experiences, emotions and observations through the senses. Now, why does she write about this? She want to suggest that there is another way of understanding reality; that we are very much led by what we believe within our hearts and not so much led by what we think in our minds. As C. S. Lewis stated in Mere Christianity, “The Christian view [is] that this is a good world that has gone wrong, but still retains the memory of what it ought to have been.”The author dissects historical discussions and the scientific studies from different points of views in the biblical world, with many references to scripture and quotes from learned minds, different faiths and spiritual leaders.The Israelites’ hearts had become rooted and grounded in fear and unbelief, and that fear and unbelief led them away from God (Hebrews 3:10). Keep your finger on the word “heart.” budge. Not until you take dominion over your heart. You perform for acceptance and/or anxiously control everything motivated by fears driven like a stake into the heart of a tiny child. Remove the stake; that is, the hidden beliefs feeding the fear; retrain the heart in truth, and you can be freed of your addiction. So, what are you striving for? What are you desperate to earn? Acceptance, love, admiration? What are you desperate to prove? That you matter, have value, have what it takes? Are you ambitious? What is behind your relentless ambition? Do you crave adulation from the world—even the church world? Or are you simply striving for a perfection in your performance that is impossible to attain? Do you lie awake at night obsessing over the one thing that you didn’t get?While in this fallen world, we will always feel the pull into anxious striving. Nonetheless, we can gain a tremendous amount of mastery over that compulsion by training. Instruct your heart with is thought-provoking approach.Scarlett Jensen 21 July 2023

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