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Amelia Emily
Amelia Emily
For these past four weeks of product training for Snap Finance has been a real Rollercoaster but yesterday October 23th 2023 really takes the cake cause of the way I was treated and spoke towards on the floor from a fellow tram leader based on something I was instructed by my Trainer and been on the floor the whole day really showed me the ugly truth about Snap Finance. The whole time I was in Assurant, no one ever spoke or addressed me in that manner, no matter their position, and I've frankly had enough. Cause there is no structure or innovation or respect like there is in Assurant and I'm still fighting to come too Assurant cause in Assurant no matter I am small I never had a conversation where I had seen like I was just a number cause CCI was all about one family one dream and that what I experienced in Assurant. Now you did tell me that you have a new wave coming on October 30th, 2023, and I'm trying my very best to get myself there. I do know we had this conversation before, and it's not possible, but I am gonna send a message to the recruitment manager, and whoever ever else I need to in order to get into Assurant. I'm just hoping that you can support me and continue to help me be successful on this situation because I honestly don't know what else to do Kind regards

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