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Voyas Girlfriend
Voyas Girlfriend
Roxanne is more than just a realtor - she has become a friend. A confidant. She’s been in my life through so many major milestones. We first met while I was pregnant with my son and my family purchased our first home through her. That entire experience, albeit stressful as is with any home buying, is what sealed the deal for me. Roxanne is nothing short of genuine - she truly cares about her clients and their goals. You can absolutely trust that Roxanne has your best interest at heart. I then went through a rough divorce and Roxanne was there to provide her expertise and insight during the process of listing and selling our first home (Disclaimer: she did not act as our agent through no decision of my own, but she was so helpful to me in navigating that entire experience). And now we come to present day, where Roxanne once again was there for another milestone event. As a single mom I was able to purchase a home all on my own. For me and my son, who is now 9 years old! There is so much pride in being a homeowner in the Bay Area and Roxanne has always been the first person I go to whenever I want to reach and meet those goals. Her laugh is infectious, her smile is radiating - it’s all telling to the type of person Roxanne is. Thank you, Roxanne. For your friendship. For everything.

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