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10/10 experience with buying our first home with Peter! Becoming a first time home buyer in the Bay Area was daunting - there was so much to learn, tons of hurdles to get over, and huge life-changing decisions to make. Peter patiently taught us all about the process, the timeline, and key considerations, allowing us to confidently take the leap toward putting in our first offer - AND IT WAS ACCEPTED!! One year later, and my partner and I still regularly smile at each other and remark how happy we are that we bought this house, and how serendipitous it all seems. We really couldn't be happier with the place, and the process was as smooth as anyone could wish. While it feels like a dream at times, it was really the outcome of Peter's diligence and commitment to his craft. Peter encouraged us to view many types of properties to build our clarity it what it was that we were looking for. He came to several open houses with us a week, all while teaching us about things like... what to watch out for in the inspection reports, how various attributes can affect a home's value (and maintenance costs), exactly what to expect at each stage of the purchase process, what areas had a good chance of matching our interests, what could spell trouble for home insurance, and more. By the time we viewed the house that we purchased, we felt a great sense of clarity in what we wanted and how to get it, after starting with barely knowing anything at all about home buying or real estate. Once we decided that we were ready and worked with Peter to define the offer, Peter's team kicked it into high gear. Our loan officer (Peter's contact) was the only one of all the buyer's who picked up when the seller's agent called them, and Peter was equally quick to respond to the seller's agent and to convey our seriousness about the offer and his readiness to close. While our offer wasn't the highest of the seven bids, his team's responsiveness and the offer that he presented won the sellers over. As we moved toward getting the keys, Peter and his team made sure that we were keeping with the timeline and fulfilling our (many!) tasks. He kept us in close communication the whole time. Even now, Peter still checks in to make sure that we're still doing well and enjoying the place. We would absolutely recommend Peter!!

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