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Vivian is soft spoken, which made it easy to work with her. But there were a few key ingredients missing that one would want to look for in their agent 1. Trust - When we were finalizing the final payments she included a $650 charge in there at the very last moment for "transaction coordinate fee for <some_name>" without informing us. When I asked over email where that charge was coming from to the title company, the bank and her, she replied over email and asked for the charge to be removed. So if I hadn't asked I would have paid $650 more without even knowing it. There is no point giving a welcome gift and hosting parties for your customers if you have to sneakily add $650 in the costs. I have bought a home before and did not experience a charge like this nor have any of my friends who have bought homes. Trust is the most important aspect of this relationship which I felt was violated. We never had a face to face conversation about this because I wasn't interested in any confrontation but this to me is a disqualifier. 2. Leadership - If your customers do not have enough information it is easy to sit back and let them make their decisions because that way if the decisions go wrong, it was them who made them. But the job of a good realtor to make decisive calls based on numbers and equip the customer with all the relevant information and numbers. Vivian neither gave decisive recommendations nor any supporting numbers. When we pushed for the numbers very hard she would reluctantly give out some e.g. when we asked whether we should go apply for appraisal for multiple banks she would say yes and when I said the bank representative is saying you would be wasting money with an appraisal with them, Vivian also changed her mind and agreed with it. We pushed for hard numbers of her previous appraisal results but we couldn't decipher how strongly she believed the appraisal would come through despite of directly asking her. 3. Hard Work - Buying a home is a super expensive decision. Small errors can cost you a lot of money in the bay area and we were serious customers for Vivian. We didn't waste her time going around looking at homes for 6 months. We had placed our first bid within 48 hours of hiring her after letting go of our previous agent. But we didn't feel we got the required level of service needed for such an important decision. For a home we were going to bid on we didn't get the disclosure documents until the day before. Vivian pretty much didn't read the disclosure documents herself and left it to us. She didn't proactively explain the potential issues of the home to us until we asked about any of the things mentioned

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