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Vivian Ho has our highest recommendation in all aspects of selling our home. Early on she advised us on what items we should work on to improve the salability of our home. For items we could not complete ourselves either because of ability or time, she a list of contractors, handymen and deep cleaners who expediently complete the work and they all do high quality work. Vivian also provided high quality guidance through the entire process. She always kept us informed about progress in the process, as well as always rapidly responded to our questions and concerns. She went well beyond what other agents who have previously worked with us. Her high level of professionalism allowed us to move out of state before our house was listed with confidence that work on the house would be managed and finished, and the house listed and sold ASAP. She worked with us to set the price and negotiate with the buyers. In conclusion, Vivian is the perfect example of how an agent should work with her clients!

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