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Vivian Gallagher
Vivian Gallagher
Vivian was professional, knowledgeable, and above-and-beyond helpful with every aspect of my homebuying experience. I first reached out to her because I had just seen a Zillow listing for a home and I wanted to see it as soon as possible--I was worried that this gave her no time to prep, but she was happy to dive in with us headlong. With her help, we went from having seen zero houses and doing zero research on finances to seeing houses, applying for pre-approval with lenders, and putting in offers in less than a week! We didn't end up with that first house, but it only took us one month to find the right house and another month to close on it--only two months total between first contacting Vivian and becoming a first time homeowner. At every turn, Vivian was there to answer all of my questions, big and small, about the process and what to expect next. I asked her opinion on if a house was over-priced, if there were hidden problems that would drive up costs, what terms on contracts meant, how many days I could expect to wait for this or that--she answered all my questions on absolutely everything very promptly, with frequent check-ins to make sure that I was feeling comfortable with the current step in the buying process. In short, I highly recommend Vivian for your housebuying needs! It only took two months for me to buy a beautiful home for my family at a great price. She knows the answers to everything, knows the real estate market in the Bay Area very well, responds to everything promptly, and will always make sure that you're feeling comfortable and informed with whatever is happening in this crazy market.

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