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Lynsey Duthie
Lynsey Duthie
Lovely practise. Looks great but dentists are obsessed with whitening your teeth BEFORE they treat you. I had a cracked wisdom tooth and another cracked molar and was told we only do white fillings so you will need to do the whitening treatment first. So I tried. I was in so much pain. I had to ice my face and neck with the pain. When I advised how much pain I was in I was sent home with a small tube of sensitive toothpaste. An appointment i had to pay 100 quid for. I called and advised I was in a lot of pain and finally they agreed to give me prescription strength sensitive toothpaste. The whole process was painful and they took months to arrange to remove the teeth causing the issue. When I finally went in to have a tooth removed they actually took 4 teeth in one day. They don't care as long as you are paying. And you will pay a lot. Hopefully I don't get any abuse or attitude back as I have read some of their responses.
Reply from 2023.10.28
Hi Lynsey Sorry to hear you are unhappy. We do advise clients to consider whitening before fillings. To help match the fillings to the lighter appearance. We welcome feedback to help improve our service and care to clients, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this with us: Best wishes, The Aura Team

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