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Naomi Bell
Naomi Bell
We reached out to Stephanie when the 4 month sleep regression hit Emily big time. She had always needed a cuddle and her dummy to get to sleep but generally had been a good wee sleeper until that point... And then a switch flipped and we were up every hour or two and she could not be transferred to her cot for any naps! Cue the inevitable meltdown. Stephanie was so incredibly encouraging and gave us the confidence to help Emily learn independent sleep skills. Her determined/ head strong nature has meant it's taken Emily a little longer to adapt but she has made such big steps in the right direction that I'm confident she will only continue to improve. We now have all her naps in her cot unless out and about and she wakes only once or twice in a 12hr period overnight. We definitely feel like we are getting our lives back and would highly recommend for anyone to reach out to Stephanie if they need any guidance or assistance with their little ones sleep.
Reply from 2023.10.04
Thank you very much Naomi for such a detailed and positive review. That is just lovely and very much appreciated. It was lovely working with you to improve little Emily's sleep. I know how much it means to you all that you have more predictable and consistent sleep for her. Thanks again :)

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