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Jessica Douglas
Jessica Douglas
Asking Stephanie for help was the best decision we ever made. We always blamed teething, sleep regression, over tiredness and any excuse on our little ones poor sleep. We always struggled from four months with our little girl waking up an hour or so after being put down for the night, but as she has got older the longer it would take to settle her with most nights 2-3 hours before she was back over. After one week working with Stephanie we have seen a significant improvement and with her help our little girl who is 15 months goes down at 6.45pm - 7am and if she wakes we know exactly what to do. As the days go on she is getting even better at soothing herself back to sleep. We used to dread bedtime and our little girl is so much happier during the day. I wish we had reached out and asked for help sooner! My partner and I can’t believe how nice it is to have our evenings together again.
Reply from 2023.08.09
Thank you so much for this kind review Jessica. It's so lovely to see the progress your little girl has made with her sleep and to hear how much happier she is for it. A well rested toddler, mummy and daddy. I am delighted for the positive impact our time together has had on the family. It has been my pleasure 💕 x

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